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Budapest Business School - University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School (BBS) - University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary. It educates almost 17,000 students. It has three Faculties in Budapest: the Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism; the Faculty of International Management and Business; and the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy. 
Budapest Business School, Hungary's market leading and largest university, was established as a result of the Hungarian higher education integration and on 1 January 2000 the three legal predecessors were merged to become the now known faculties. 
Graduates of the legal predecessor institutions and those who obtained their degrees from BBS during the recent years have become experts and professionals in their fields and they are in great demand in both the domestic and the international labor market. This is the outcome of the institution's constant quest for innovation and its continuous effort to adapt training programs to the market requirements. BBS' effort received positive feedback since the Institution was awarded the Higher Education Quality Award in 2010, an since 2012 it is the holder of the ISO 9001:2009 certificate. In 2013 BBS received title of University of Applied Sciences. 


Students who attend the one year preparatory program and meet all requirements may get accepted to the programs below. 

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BSc in Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality program is a full-time 7 semester long training (6 theoretical and 1 practical) with the following available specialization: 

  • Commercial Hospitality

  • Catering Event Organisation

  • Travel and Event Management

  • Tourism Development and Destinations Management

  • Health, Eco and Sport Tourism

  • European Tourism

Students are awarded the Economist in Tourism and Catering title after graduating.

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BSc in International Business Economics

The BA in International Business Economics program is organized in cooperation with 3 other universities from around the world: ASIS in Breda, Netherlands; FH FFM in Frankfurt am Main, Germany; and USC in Taipei, Taiwan. During the 7 semesters of training (6 theoretical and 1 practical) students can choose from the following specializations: 

  • International Business Development

  • Freight Forwarding and Logistics

  • Economic Diplomacy

  • Business Intelligence and Decisions

  • Translator and interpreter in the field of economics and business

  • East Asian Business Studies 

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BSc in Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting BSc program lasts for 7 semesters (6 theoretical and 1 practical) and at the end of the training students are awarded with the title Economist in Finance and Accounting (BA). The aim of the program is to educate professional who have high quality theoretical and practical knowledge and professional skills in finance, accounting, business IT and management with the following specializations: 

  • Accounting

  • Business information analyst

  • Financial services

  • Taxation

  • General government (public finances)

  • Business finances


BSc in Commerce and Marketing

The aim of the 7 semester (6 theoretical and 1 practical) long program is to educate professionals who, by the end of the training, know the principals of societal and economic trends, and are familiar with the role and tools of marketing. Students can choose from the following specializations:

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Commerce

  • Commercial Communication 

  • Commercial Logistics 

  • Marketing Communication 

  • Marketing Management

  • Quality Management.

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BA in Communication and Media Science

A 6 semesters long program with the following possible specialization:

  • PR

  • Multicultural Communication

  • Career Management

  • International business communication

  • Economic journalism

  • Communication and economy

Students obtain the competence to write and edit new stories, use different devices to create content as well as build sustainable relationship in the digital era. Future journalists, communication strategy experts, PR and marketing experts, spokesmen and even script writers should choose this program.


BSc in Business Administration and Management

This 7 semester long full-time program has 5 available specializations:

  • Digital Business

  • Logistics

  • Service Management

  • Team Academy

  • Business Management

Graduates will be able to support and execute management tasks, design business plans and strategies, support logistics, take part in decision making and problem-solving.

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MSc in International Economy and Business

The aim of this program is to train professionals capable of analysing the global world economy, interpreting international trends, and effectively conducting and managing international negotiations. 


MA in International Relations

The aim is to train professionals with a broad social science education who will understand the theoretical and practical contexts of international political, economic and trade relations. They will acquire a high level of analytical skills in addition to theoretical and practical knowledge.

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MA in Tourism Managament

The aim is to to train tourism professionals with professional competencies and knowledge, who will independently be able to: perform planning, decision-making and management functions in the areas of tourism; analyze the operations of the economic areas concerned, prepare concepts, plans and studies related to supply and organizational development, implement development projects and to manage enterprises and institutions.